LLAABS CO was founded in Orange County, California in the latter part of 2020 during the pandemic . After months of sitting around due to lockdowns and the many, many pounds gained as a result of being out of work and being immobile, we decided as a family to start eating healthier.
We grew extremely fond of the low carb lifestyle and the countless options of meals and snacks that were “keto-friendly”. We did however miss a few “essentials” that we believe most people do. A simple grilled cheese sandwich (which we used to take for granted) became a big stumbling block for us all causing us all to give in to temptation and fail our diet plan.
We knew that if we could get passed that one stumbling block of the keto lifestyle, we could do this. We began by trying dozens of low-carb, keto breads; made from almond and coconut flours, soy flours, etc. The outcome was always the same. It never tasted nor held up like bread and could not be used like bread in most cases.
After several months of trying different recipes and brands of keto breads (including the overly expensive prepared loaves), we decided to experiment on our own. We  started with recipes that were at least on the right track. We then started tinkering with many alternatives to the standard nut and soy flowers. After many, MANY attempts (at one point we were stacked almost 2 dozen deep in loaves), we finally feel we nailed it.
Is it exactly like bread? No. But then nothing is. It is however the perfect alternative and EXTREMELY close. It bakes like real bread (the aroma from the oven is undistinguishably bread), it tastes like bread and has a very similar texture to regular bread. It can be dried and grated for breadcrumbs to use in coatings for fried foods, breading for meatballs and meatloaves. It can even be cut into wedges or cubes, seasoned, slow baked till dry and crispy, and used as either croutons or incredibly crunchy and delicious “pita” type toast crisps.

We hope you enjoy these products as much as our family does.

Laura and Louie

Available on Amazon, we proudly offer a selection of delicious low carb, keto friendly bread mixes. We are extremely grateful for each of our customers who faithfully order and recommend our products and we look forward to welcoming you to our family.